what we do & YOU

In Acts chapter 1, Jesus instructed His disciples to wait in Jerusalem for the Holy Spirit to baptize them with power from on High to become witnesses of the good news (the Gospel) of Jesus’ Resurrection and the coming of His Kingdom. After days of gathered prayer, the Spirit was poured out at Pentecost and the early church went into the streets proclaiming the Gospel. In Acts 2, about 3,000 were added to their number that same day. They had need for structured disciple-making, and so they devoted themselves to meeting in homes (like Home Communities) and at the Temple (like Sunday worship and Wednesday outreach & discipleship) for fellowship, teaching, breaking or bread, and prayer (Acts 2:42-47). In history this has been known as the “Two-Winged” church (large group worship and small group fellowship – see image). As the early church continually devoted themselves to God and each other, God blessed them and the church continued to grow.

We are seeking to be like the first century church. Though we do this imperfectly, we have seen God do some amazing things in our community.

sunday corporate worship

Sunday morning is a time for everyone in our church family to gather for a time of corporate worship through prayer, music, singing, and listening as we dig deep into reading and studying the Bible. Everyone joins together at the beginning of the service at 10am. Later in the service, kids through 5th grade have a great time learning and interacting in Kids Church downstairs.

home communities are at the core

What is a Home Community? Home Communities (HCs) are small groups based on Acts 2:42-47.

The early Christians devoted themselves to the Apostles’ teaching (New Testament),
fellowship (sharing in community), the breaking of bread (a meal / communion), and prayer
(praying withand for one another). HCs function like mini-churches. Groups meet weekly with participants

devoting themselves to the four elements of Acts 2:42 for mutual Edification. But this is more

than a Bible study, we emphasize being an EVERYDAY church (Acts 2:43-47), hence why

groups are based on location to more readily engage in everyday rhythms together. 

The HC leader is like a shepherd helping individuals discover their spiritual gifts to serve each other and  the community. At the center of each group is the Gospel, out of which flows our Gospel Identity. 

To learn more about Home Communities at Grace Church CLICK HERE

Wednesday Night's at Grace

Wednesday Night is a time for community, fellowship and learning for all ages at Grace. Awana for kids, Youth Group for Middle School and High School and a variety of adult discipleship classes. 

There is something for everyone on Wednesday night. 

  • School of Theology - on Wednesday nights

    Sunday focuses on worship as a community. Home Communities focuses on developing a family of servant missionaries. Wednesday School of Theology supplements and supports the above by providing theological teaching and a basis for why we do what we do and you. There are several classes designed to disciple you where you are at, and help you fill in some of the blanks in your theological understanding of Christianity (orthodoxy), or philosophical understanding of how we do church (orthopraxy).   

  • Youth Group

    It is our passion to evoke in youth a heart to know GOD and pursue healthy Christian community after High School. Middle & High school students meet Wednesdays at the Crowded House from 6:30 to 8:00pm for ice breakers, games, worship, and challenging teaching. You never know what might happen from week to week, but you can guarantee that Youth Group will get you connected to some great friends and leaders!

  • Awana

    Awana is a nondenominational ministry that assists churches in reaching children with the gospel of Jesus Christ and training them to serve Him. Awana Clubs International supplies programs, materials and training for more than 40,000 churches in over 115 countries each week reaching over 3 million children. Their message to churches is simple: We’re here to help you with a ministry that is all about fun with a purpose - to win and grow kids for Christ! Each Awana club meeting is broken into three activities: Game Time, Small Group, and Large Group. Our Awana is for Kids age 3 through 6th.