Children & Youth DNA
SUNDAY’S 5:30-7P


  • Unite every age in joyful worship. 
  • Provide age/gender appropriate small groups for Biblical and relevant discussions. 
  • Incite in youth a heart to invest in the next generation. 
  • Get students excited about doing outreach TOGETHER and partnering with the Holy Spirit so more kids will follow Jesus Christ. 
  • Promote gospel transformation, not behavior modification.  


Kids will all show up downstairs in the basement on a Sunday evening at 5:30pm for some worship celebration for about 30 minutes.  Then students will divide into different age groups for games and lessons (k-2nd, 3rd-5th, and 6th-8th).  Students will alternate between games and small group discussions for the remaining hour.  

AWANA For Pre-K-5th grade. We use Awana curriculum because it lays a solid foundation of biblical truth. The Awana organization recommends we focus on one verse per week plus small group discipleship.   

Middle School Students 6th-8th grade- Basically like Youth Group, the middle school students will go with Pastor Lucas into the Crowded House for middle school Youth Group (at times the students will divide into boys and girls to be led by Lucas and Katy Faust to talk about small group topics relevant to middle schoolers). 

Youth DNA –  We need to be intentional to Disciple, Nurture, and hold children Accountable to Action. (DNA). Our desire is to invest in children AND teenagers, to not only get the information into them but also to teach them to make disciple-makers. Select High School students who are prepared to participate will be an apprentice to an adult lead for the groups.


We want to free up the adults and families to participate in Home Communities and engage missionally throughout the week. Kids rub shoulders with non-Christians; parents rub shoulders with non-Christian parents on a weekly basis. The goal is to simplify time  commitments and create a Christian Education environment that is for all ages as well as encouraging everyone to ‘make disciples who make disciples’. 

Our DNA, as God’s sons & daughters, is where our identity comes from.
See Galatians 2:20