The purpose of Adult Discipleship classes is to help fill in the gaps of a Christian Education for adults while their children are at Awana-Youth DNA from 5:30-7:00pm on Sundays. 

This Spring we will have two classes, one is for everyone entitled “Intro to Grace / Membership Class” — the purpose is to learn more about our covenant community and philosophy of ministry. 

The other class is a parenting / stage-of-life seminar May 6th and June 3rd. The first is for new parents. The second class is for parents with children going from tween to teen. The three fold goal is: 1) to equip parents with tools to disciple their children; 2) to encourage mentors and others in the child’s life to be equipped for support; and 3) to celebrate moments for the parents and their children (example: baby dedication or coming of age party). For more information see one of the pastors.


    If you would like to learn more about Grace Church, our philosophy of ministry, doctrine (teaching), and the biblical concept of membership and being in “covenant community”. Then please join us for this month long class beginning April 8th a week after Easter.

    HOW LONG? Four weeks (April 8, 15, 22, 29)

    WHAT TIME? 5:30-7:00pm in the foyer

    TEACHERS: Pastors Ryan and Mark


    Week 1 – Orthodoxy & Orthopraxy, Great Confession, Command, Commission, & Methods of Ministry

    Week 2 – Membership and Covenants

    Week 3 – Doctrinal Statement of Member Covenant (Orthodoxy)

    Week 4 – Practical Theology of Member Covenant (Orthopraxy)

    WHAT TO BRING? A Bible and a pen, notes will be provided.

  • “SHEPHERDING YOUR CHILDREN”  parenting seminars

    Parents,” observes Brian Haynes in his book Shift, “are the primary faith influencers in their children’s lives.” Are you, as a parent, up to the challenge? Research shows that many parents, in fact, don’t feel up to it.

    This doesn’t catch God by surprise, of course. He gave the people of God – you could even say, quite accurately, that He gave the parents among the people of God – clear, simple instructions for passing faith to the next generation. And this biblical wisdom is corroborated by contemporary research.

    In a series of periodic equipping events, we’ll identify milestones in your kids’ lives - & take a practical look at shepherding our kids, in those times, into life-giving relationship with the living God. We’ll have two seminars this spring:


    In this seminar, we’ll prepare parents for the work of faith training at home. 

    We’ll describe:

    • the baby’s amazing brain, & the parent’s influence on its development
    • the importance of Dad & of Mom
    • ways to bless your child & pray for your child
    • first steps toward faith
    • resources for families
    • an upcoming Community Celebration to celebrate you & your child


    This seminar will prepare parents to lead their child’s transition from childhood to God-honoring adulthood. We’ll describe

    • the Bible’s perspective on roles of men & women
    • spiritual training of teenagers, including parents’ role & the church’s role
    • resources for families
    • how to create a personal, meaningful experience with your teenager to celebrate this transition

    FACILITATOR: Pastor Mark Elefritz

    TEACHERS: Experienced Parents

    TIME: 5:30-7:00pm in the foyer

    COMING IN SEPTEMBER: Preparing for Adolescence!