The purpose of Adult Discipleship classes is to help fill in the gaps of a Christian Education for adults while their children are participating in Youth DNA from 6-8:00pm on Sundays. 

This Fall we will have three classes;  Biblical Justice is a ten week class using Timothy Keller's book 'Generous Justice' as a guide, the second is Shepherding Your Children, two one night parenting seminars for parents, and the third is a three week class for everyone entitled Intro to Grace Church — the purpose of which is to learn more about our covenant community and philosophy of ministry. 

You'll find more information about each of these classes below. 

  • “SHEPHERDING YOUR CHILDREN”  parenting seminars

    “Parents,” observes Brian Haynes in his book Shift, “are the primary faith influencers in their children’s lives.” Are you, as a parent, up to the challenge? Research shows that many parents, in fact, don’t feel up to it.  

    In a series of periodic equipping events, we’ll identify milestones in your kids’ lives - & take a practical look at shepherding our kids, in those times, into life-giving relationship with the living God. As Christian parents we have the responsibility to equip our children with a strong sense of God’s truth to deal with many unavoidable issues in our culture. We’ll have two seminars this Fall: 


    • Identity in Christ, spiritual growth, and spiritual disciplines. 
    • Parents must be pursuing spiritual growth and exercising spiritual discipline as an outpouring of their identity in Christ to influence their children to do the same. 
    • Troubleshoot with parents to rethink how they connect with their children relationally to lead them spiritually. 

    FACILITATOR: Pastor Lucas Fennell

    SPEAKERS: Tiea & Joshua Hanson  

    TIME: 6-7:30pm Room 128


    • This seminar will prepare parents to lead their child’s transition from childhood to God-honoring adulthood. We’ll describe: 
    • The Bible’s perspective on roles of men & women
    • Identity in Christ, healthy relationships, maturing bodies, and sexual purity
    • Resources for families
    • How to create a personal, meaningful experience with your teenager to celebrate this transition

    FACILITATOR: Pastor Lucas Fennell  

    TEACHERS: Pastor Ryan and Katy Faust  

    TIME: 6-7:30pm Off-Site


    Some see talk of justice, among believers, as a long overdue discussion. Other see such talk as a dangerous diversion from the gospel. Who’s right? Using Pastor Timothy Keller’s book “Generous Justice”, as a guide, we will take an honest look - with the Holy Spirit’s help! - at the reality of biblical justice.

    How long?  Ten weeks (Sept 16 - Nov 18)

    What time?  6-7:30pm Room 129

    Teachers:  Pastor Mark & others

    What will we cover?

    • What IS biblical justice?
    • What did Jesus say about it?
    • Why & how should we pursue justice?
    • Is justice a personal responsibility or the government’s responsibility?