The purpose of Adult Discipleship classes is to help fill in the gaps of a Christian Education for adults while their children are participating in Youth DNA from 6-8:00pm on Sundays. 

This Winter we will have three classes;  Conversational Apologetics is a seven week class taught by Pastor Ryan, the second is How to Solve Problems Biblically taught by Bill Moor, and the third is Developing a Discerning Heart, a women's class led by Lorraine Schukar.

You'll find more information about each of these classes below. 


    Why does communication often break down when we try to talk about faith?

    You  might not know how to start a conversation about Jesus, so you pass up the opportunity. But are you good at asking questions?

    Pastor Ryan desires to teach a method of sharing Jesus, which involves asking the kind of questions.  This is called conversational apologetics (or "Dialogical Apologetics;" or conversation in terms of a dialogue).  The goal of this class is to equip you with 7 great questions (and good follow-up questions) to help you understand anyone's perspective and get them asking you questions as a non-threatening way. Included in this class will be a break-down of other religions and beliefs including science, evolution, new ageism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Secular humanism, etc.

    How Long?   7 weeks (January 13-February 24th)

    What Time?  Sunday Nights 6-7:30 pm, Room 129

    Teacher:  Pastor Ryan Faust

    Goals of this class?

    This will prepare you for conversations in the break-room at work, with friends, with neighbors, at dinner table with relatives, with your children, in preparation to invite people for Easter, and for Dare2Share on February 16th.


    We do have problems! Life can be difficult and complicated. Our relationships, marriages, families, health, finances, jobs, and an endless list of challenges can seem overwhelming at times. We experience anger, depression, guilt, worry, fear, suffering, addictions, communication breakdown, marriage conflicts, and parenting struggles. 

    This class is designed to help you understand and apply God’s will, as revealed in His Word, to your particular needs to become a more fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ.  “His divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of Him who called us by his own glory and excellence…” (2 Peter 1:3).

    How Long?  14 Weeks (1/13/19 - 4/14/19)

    What Time?  Sunday Nights 6-7:30 pm, Room 128

    Teacher:  Bill Moor

    Goals of this class?

    1) Learn the principles that God’s Word has for each problem. 

    2) Understand and apply those principles to solve the problem. 

    3) Train our thinking through weekly homework based on applying God’s Word to our problem.



    This course helps women evaluate their walk with God and determine from Scripture, ways to walk more closely with Him, to be purposeful in relating to others and to make decisions in ways that are pleasing to God. 

    The class is limited to 10 women on a first come, first served basis. Two hours of outside class study is required. In order to participate, we ask that you be committed to study, attend the sessions, keep confidences, and to share appropriately in class.

    Please let Lorraine or the church office know ASAP if you want to take the class so we can order materials! Class materials are $30 for a hard copy that is mailed to you. (A $20 download version to print yourself is also available.) If you would like to participate, but feel you can’t pay for the materials, there are a few scholarships available.

    How Long? 14 weeks (1/16/19 - 4/17/19)

    What Time?  Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30pm in the conference room


    Facilitator:  Lorraine Schukar

    Goals of this class:

    We will consider:

    • How did God design me?
    • What is my identity as a child of God?
    • And how does that affect my thinking, emotions, & choices?
    • Why do I make the choices I make, act the way I do, or struggle with various relationships?
    • How might I make changes in how I relate to God & to others?